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1. Class description: 50 students of grade 10 at Cầu Giấy High school

  2. Time: 45 minutes

  3. Objectives: By the end of the lesson, the students will be able to improve:

    - The way to pronounce diphthong /ai/ -/ei/-/ᴐi/

    - Distinguish between these diphthongs

    - Do exercises fluency.

  4. Assumed knowledge: Sts may have known some skills of finding words by using body language

  5. Anticipated problem:

      - Ss may not know the way to describe by using body language, so the teacher should give clear instruction and detail example.

      - Some students do not pronoun these diphthongs exactly, so the teacher should help Ss practice.

  6. Teaching aids: book, video, blackboard, chalk, handout

  7. Procedure:

|Time               |Teachers                                                                             |Students                             |
| (8 min)           |I. Warm-up (Find the word)                                                           |                                     |
|                   |+ Divide the class into 2 groups and require each have a name                         |+ Listen instruction                 |
|                   |+ Give instruction                                                                   |+ Raise the question if not clear     |
|                   |In this game, a representative of each team has to go to the board and only use       |+ Join the game                       |
|                   |her/his body language to express the word given (related to five diphthongs) by T and|+ Receive the present                 |
|                   |the rest of the team will guess.                                                     |                                     |
|                   |The other teams will be guessed if the team playing cannot guess.                     |                                     |
|                   |T will give answer if both teams cannot...


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