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Extract Analasys (50 Pounds by A.Coppard)

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The extract under analysis is taken from the story “50 pounds” written by Alfred Coppard. It’s a 3d person narration (the pronouns he, she, they are used), containing the cases of represented speech, author’s digressions & instances of diologue. The given piece presents the concluding part of the story. Eulalia & Phillip spend their last day separately. Lally is uncertain about the development of the whole money-issue, which makes her really unhappy. When she comes home in the evening, Phill expresses his great love & all her silly thoughts are forgotten. In the morning Phillip doesn’t make any attempt to stop the girl from leaving. This makes Lally see his true nature & leave him with dignity & 50 pounds.
In the extract one can trace several important themes: love, sincerity in relationship, money, perfidy. The main point stated by author can be described as follows: the true nature of a person is always revealed in challenging situations like the one presented in the story.
Structurally the extract falls into 3 parts. Each of them is characterized by its own mood, stylistic & syntactic peculiarities. The 1st part corresponds with the 1st paragraph. It mainly deals with Eulalia while she’s returning home in the evening, preoccupied with depressing thoughts. The tense atmosphere is created with the help of words with negative connotation (desultory, last, dejection) & various stylistic devices: epithets (miserable, desultory, whimsical), metaphors (possibility had come, hopes being gone). Another important means of expressing depressiveness is the syntactic device of   inversion (in wandering she had spend, so whimsical he was).
It’s important to point out that the mood changes throughout the 1st part. From depressive it becomes hopeful. The atmosphere of hopefulness is created with the help of   epithets (flimsy, stupid, perfect), simile (like a flag of triumph), metaphor (kill all grief). Exclamatory sentence & the device of represented speech add up to creating...


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