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Keep Environment Clean

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Keep Environment Clean
Pollution has gone sky-high and global warming has been speeding up. According to a survey done by Central pollution control board, industries emit more than half the pollution in the whole country. To be specific, industries emit 66.2 % of the toxic waste in India.This plan focuses on reducing the pollution from the steel industries which is adversely effecting the environment.
Using renewable source of energy like solar or wind energy will be beneficial to the society and to the business also. Sources like solar energy have proven to be useful.
Unnecessary use of paper should be minimised and electronic work should be encouraged. Recycling the paper and using more of e-mails will help in reducing the adverse effects on the environment. The heat that every industry emits, effects negatively on the employees and on the society. The heat goes into the lungs of the people working there and may cause major problems to them. Reducing the heat will be helpful for the industry. The benefits from conserving the environment are as follows:
  1. Accomplishing social responsibility: By using renewable sources of energy, your company will be able to meet its social responsibility. This will further increase the goodwill of your company.
  2. Cost reduction: Using renewable resources would lead to a reduction in electricity bill and costs of availing other non-renewable resources.
  3. Taking care of employees’ health: the pollution emitted by your company not only affects the civilians but your workers and other employees too. Installing this chimney would lower the pollution and thus the health and productivity of the workers would get increased.
  4. Less Government Control: if the pollution emitted is legally accepted, less the chances for a government regulation over your business.
  5. Cost of Production is reduced. The cost of recycling paper is nominal than that of buying more paper. E-mails have almost negligible cost.
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