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Choosing Menu at the Restaurant

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- Good evening, madam! Welcome to our restaurant! Here is the menu. Today´s special dish is two boiled lobsters served with fresh vegetables. As a starter you might want a shrimp salad with basil. Are you ready to order now or shall I come back later? I´ll get you some water and an ashtray right away.

- The special lobster really makes my mouth water. I´ve never had lobster before. I guess I´ll have it along with the salad. Do you have any coleslaw?
- No, I’m sorry, we don’t.
- Just give me a small mixed salad then. And a glass of iced mineral water with a slice of lemon would be nice.
- Excellent choice! Anything else?

- I think I’ll take a Fried Trout with French fries.
- I´m afraid the trout is off.
- That’s too bad. What else do you recommend?
- The Cayenne Pepper Steak is very delicious.
- OK, I’ll take the steak, very rare.

- The steak comes with either baked, fried or mashed potatoes. The salad dressings are French, Italian or cheese.

- Uh, I´d rather have just plain oil and vinegar dressing. Is that possible?

- Italian dressing is close to it.

- I will also have baked potatoes with sour cream and butter.

- Would you like something to drink? We’ve got a bottle of excellent red wine Chablis’1897. Try it!

- No, thanks. Just coffee.
- Do you like it with milk and sugar?
- A dash of milk and two lumps, please… No, wait! A milky one without sugar. I’m on a diet.

- Shall I take your dessert order now?

-   May I have a banana split and a piece of gooseberry pie as well?

- Of course, madam. Is that all?
- Yes, I think, that will be quite enough for me.
- I’ll be back in a minute and bring your order, madam.
- I hope so.


- May I help you, sir?

- Yes, I´d like a dozen snails.

- We don´t have any, sir.

- Then, I guess, I´ll have a nice piece of elephant meat.

- Sorry, sir, no elephant meat.

- What about a cheese fondue [] with a glass of white...


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