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Which Sense?

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If humans were to naturally have only four basic senses instead of five, which of the five would you choose to not have? I would choose sight.

You may think that sight is the most important sense, since it gives us the greatest amount of perception. What would we do without sight? We wouldn’t be able to do anything without falling head over heels, right? Or would we?

Keep in mind, if humans were naturally blind, then society would have been tailored with that in consideration. Everything that requires us to use our eyes wouldn’t exist. Books with flat text, screens on electronic devices, etc. Everything would be done with the other senses. Sure, we may all be reading with Braille or something of the sort, but that’s not bad at all. Blind people can read with Braille just as fast, if not faster, than people who read text with their eyes. It comes naturally to them, as it would to us if we were blind.

Everything we learn in schools would be taught to the other four senses. Schools wouldn’t even be what we know them to be. Perhaps there wouldn’t even be actual buildings. How would buildings be planned and constructed without sight? How would anything be made without sight? Such as art? Would there only be musical, culinary, and story-telling art, since we wouldn’t be able to appreciate visual art? What if there was an art that was meant to be felt (other than sex)?

It all may seem implausible, but that’s because you’re reading this from the perspective of a person who always had sight. From the perspective of someone who never had sight, this way of life would seem perfectly normal. There is only so much that we can fathom from the limited scope of our “vision”. A blind person would know this better than anyone else.

After wrapping your head around all of that, you may then ask, why would I choose to not have what may be the most integral of our five senses? And that is for this reason: Not being able to see would completely redefine our conception of...


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