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Different Opinions of People About Wearing School Uniforms

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School Uniform Essay example:
Should we wear schools uniforms? School uniforms are to show that schools have disciplined and smart kids. It shows it’s a respected and great school for kids to go. But others opinions are there is no real point to uniforms. They are a waste of money; you could be spending it on descent clothes that you would like to wear. Many people have different opinions on both positive and negative sides. This informative writing piece shows what school kids really think of school uniforms. The kid’s opinions are stuck in between the positive and negative sides.
One of the most popular reasons is that people think they are a good idea because they don’t wear casual clothes. This greatly decreases bullying in the schools. Most kids would be wearing the trendy cloths that are “cool” but if a kid wears something completely opposite, the “cool” kids would have to give him a bad time about it. If uniforms are worn, this is completely preventable.
It would reduce the cost of buying expensive casual clothes. Uniforms would be much more cheaper than casual clothes. Kids would want to get all the top brands that would cost a fortune for the parent, while uniforms are greatly cheaper and you only need a few shirts and pants for the whole year. Most of the time kids get bored of their clothes and want new ones, or the brand isn’t cool anymore. That doesn’t matter with school uniforms.
They benefit the school, making the school look like a very great school for your kids to go to. They make the kids look smarter and well disciplined.
A survey was conducted showing that 47% of kids at B.H.S say yes to they should wear school uniforms, they don’t even really mind school uniforms. But 53% say that they don’t like it at all. 70% percent said that they don’t like the school uniform we currently have. If they do a few changes to the uniform, the uniform matter could be settled.
But uniforms do have their negative sides. Kids don’t get to wear what they...


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