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Should Pupils Have to Wear a School Uniform?

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Recently The Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan forced into application the law about obligatory unitary school uniform. It caused a lot of debates and discussions among different groups of population starting from the students of elementary school and ending with their parents or even grandparents. Although, there are a lot of arguments about this issue, the opinions actually divided into two major groups: the first one is supporting this decision, and the other is against the law. Each group provides strong arguments for their point of view which really make sense. For example, one of the strongest points of the supporting side is that the uniform helps to make everybody equal in the walls of classroom, which is really important because it does not distract anyone from the studying process itself, moreover, it unites students, making them feel that they are part of the big society with the common goals and interests. Also, they say that the uniform provides safety because it helps to identify that the student belongs to some educating facility, so it is harder for him to skip the classes outside the school and there is less possibilities to commit illegal actions even between the students. The opposing side claims that the uniform is the obstacle for creating individual personality of each student because the clothes are the key element of self-expression. Nevertheless, the mandatory school uniform will bring better changes to the educating process because it makes the schools safer and students more united, and it should become an essential part of the education system in Kazakhstan, even though some say that it destroys the individuality of students.
One of the main advantages of wearing school uniform is that the unitary school uniform makes everybody equal in the classroom, so there is no difference between rich and poor, popular and not, stylish and inelegant students while they are getting knowledge, moreover, the uniform...


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