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Smoking Kills

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S.5 English _learners smoking kills – Vocabulary
Answer Key

Word | P.O.S. and IPA | Meaning | Example |
1. indulge | verb | To allow yourself to have or do something you like, especially something that is considered bad for you. | They went into town to indulge in some serious shopping. |
2. praise | noun, verb | Words that show approval of or admiration for somebody or something. | His teacher is full of praise for the progress he’s making. |
3. condemn | verb | To express very strong disapproval of somebody or something, usually for moral reasons. | The government issued a statement condemning the killings. |
4. outcry | noun | A reaction of anger or strong protest shown by people in public. | The government’s yearly report made the citizens outcry over the proposed change. |
. initiatives | noun | A new plan for dealing with a particular problem or for achieving a particular purpose. | This is Hong Kong government’s initiative for closing the range between the rich and the poor. |

Word | P.O.S. and IPA | Meaning | Example |
1. lounge | noun | A public room in hotel, club, etc. for waiting or relaxing in | The television lounge was occupied. |
2. occurrence | noun | Something that happens or exists | Vandalism used to be a rare occurrence here. |
3. inhale | verb | To take air, smoke, gas, etc. into your lungs as you breathe | She closed her eyes and inhaled deeply. |
4. premise | noun | A statement or an idea that forms the basis for a reasonable line of argument. | This reasoning is based on the premise that all people are equally capable of good and evil. |
5. victimized | verb | Somebody to make somebody suffer unfairly because you do not like them, their opinions, or something they have done. | The union claimed that some of its members had been victimized for taking part in the strike. |
| | | |
| | | |

Word | P.O.S. and IPA | Meaning | Example |
1. osteoporosis | noun | A condition in which...


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