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Mankind 1

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Mankind is not an independent being. Man is a part of an intricate web of life. Life also, is not a thing in itself. Life is a part of the intricate structure of a planet bathed by energy from the sun.

Earth assumed approximately its present from nearly five million years ago. A vast evolution has accounted since then. When, the earth came into being there were not oceans or atmosphere. Gradually the solid interior settled. There was a gradual outward movement, which caused water and atmosphere. Even after formation, the solid crust, the ocean and the atmosphere are not independent of each other. There is always interaction among them through evaporation, condensation, weathering, etc. deep within the solid crust slow but continuous change is talking place. Hot springs, volcanoes and earthquakes are the manifestations of such changes.

Life appears between 2to 3 billion years ago. The energy of sun, caused life to appear on the surface water. And since its appearance ‘Life’ is going to be complex day by day.

“Life” is as much a part of the structure of the Earth as any inanimate portion is. It is all an inseparable part of a whole. If animal is isolated from other forms of life then it will die of starvation. Isolation from water will cause death by dehydration. Isolation from air, either free on dissolved in water, will cause a death by asphyxiation. In isolation from the sun animals can survive for a while but plants cannot. And without plant animals would starve.

Both animate and inanimate depend on each other for their survival. As inanimate objects are required to sustain life so inanimate portion of the earth is shaped and moulded by life. The nature of the atmosphere has been changed by plant activity. Plants release oxygen to atmosphere. Earthworms turn soil, ocean reefs are formed by coral.

“The entire planet, plus solar energy, is one enormous intricately interrelated system. The entire planet is a life form made up of non-living portions...


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