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Industrial Revolution

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Does the industrial revolution deserve its own living museum?

The industrial revolution was the name given to the time of rapid technological, social and economical change that started in late 18th   century & continued into the 19th century in Great Britain and later spread across the world. It started with the use of steam trains using coal for fuel. It was a major change over a number of generations, affecting millions of people,
In order to compare the importance of a number of events it is useful to use formal criteria.   This allows different events or people to be compared (objectively) fairly.   Without formal criteria it is easy for different groups of people to come to opposite opinions. One criteria we have used is the 5Rs, (remarkable, remembered, resonant, revealing, resulting in change)these where covered by the unique and memorable events during the industrial revolution such as the invention of the steam train, it was resonant and revealing as it is compared to in many was such as

in which the industrial revolution covers all. The other criteria ‘GREAT’ ( ground breaking & stunning change, remembered by all, events that were far reaching, affecting the future & terrifying which covers all but the ‘T’ as it was not classed as terrifying but many where sceptical and unsure of the outcome of this change.
Both criteria led to the industrial revolution classed as very important even though many had different views on the matter. Finally to answer the question I do think the industrial revolution deserves a living museum as it transformed Britain and should be remembered in full detail and others having the chance to take a perspective on the historical event.


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