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Importance of Adult Education

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Firstly we should know why is education important?
Education is a means for increasing knowledge. A popular slogan is “Knowledge is power.” This is a true statement. Knowledge empowers people to become leaders, to be more productive, and to become the teachers of others. Education allows for the acquisition of knowledge at a speed that surpasses relying on experience for knowledge.
Education is important because a quality education improves the student’s skills set as knowledge increases. The recent recession has convinced many adults that pursuing more education to improve skills and credentials may not only be wise, but may be a necessity in a shrinking job market.
if education itself is important adult education is ofcourse important
For changes being taking place in world and that too in all dimension it is better to remained tuned with contemporary way of thoughts and living. Therefore education for adult is necessary.

We can implement it by making people people aware of it , starting campaigns and doing surveys .
1. in a complex modern democracy, citizens must be knowledgeable.
2. research shows that older people who keep their minds active suffer less dementia and other memory type diseases in old age.
3. in a complex modern economy, workers must be up-to-date on new techniques, and technologies Many people fail to understand that if they don't make the extra effort, they'll never be able to amount to much in life. Some however, after spending a lot of their time as kids fooling around, begin to make the effort to improve their status in life. So being well above thirty or even forty years doesn't matter; anyone can still go back to school to study.

It could be any degree that you want. Having missed out on education when you were yet young, still doing school might not look like a good option. However, there are so many adult education programs around, it would spin you in the head just thinking of it. You don't have to give up on your...


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