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Why College Education Is Important to Me

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Name: Stacey Inglis
Student Id number: AC1307727
Topic: “Why College Education is Important to Me”
Can you imagine a world with no education? There would be no doctors, teachers or police officers. All that would exist is total chaos and mayhem. In addition there would be no justice system, laws or government, leaving no structure in our society. People would be left to do as they please with no consequences to be faced. According to Encyclopedia Britannica, education is “discipline that is concerned with methods of teaching and learning in schools or school-like environments as opposed to various non-formal and informal means of socialization (e.g., rural development projects and education through parent-child relationships).” I can remember when I was a child in primary school; I did not want to go to school because it seemed very tedious, as I did not understand the importance of an education. However, now that I am a teacher, I stress the importance of education to my students; wanting them to strive for the top and the best and never settling for less. Therefore, I believe that a college education is important because it plays a vital part in a person’s future where; one can gain a strong sense of pride and self-worth, earn a higher income and will always be marketable.
A college education has helped to impart a strong sense of pride and self-worth in me as an individual, mother, teacher and colleague. Similarly, attaining my associate degree in teacher education has helped me look at life and situations differently and more maturely. It has also improved my reasoning and thinking skills. Additionally, as a mother I would like to create that awareness of the importance of education in my children and live as an example to them. According to Anne T. Henderson (2007), “…children of parents, who play an active role in their education, tend to receive better grades, test scores, long term academic achievement and positive attitudes as well as behaviours toward...


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