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Limitless introduces the process of addiction with the character Eddie Morra and his addiction to the powerful psychological drug NZT-48.   What NZT-48 does is that enhances neurotransmitters and receptors, therefore inhibiting the brain the function from 20% to 100% efficiency; making a simple minded person into a genius for 24hrs.   However, the drug is highly addictive and people involved in the addict’s life subsequently become incorporated into the addicts lifestyle.
Eddie’s addiction started at his lowest point in life when he experimented with the drug.   After being dumped by Lindy and struggling to write his book, Eddie runs into his shady ex-wife’s brother Vernon.   Vernon introduces Eddie to the drug with a simple promise that life would get better after taking the pill. Due to the unfortunate events in his life Eddie subsequently succumbs to the rationalization of “life can’t get any worst” and takes the pill.   Eddie wakes up the next morning from his blackout and finds his apartment cleaned and his book assignment written on his desk.   Amazed by the outcome of taking the drug; Eddie wants more.
After finding Vernon dead and Vernon’s stash of NZT, Eddie began to misuse and abused the drug and ultimately affected those involved in his life.   Eddie began to double his dosage to two pills and his life seemed to have gotten better.   He restored his relationship with Lindy and was working on the biggest merger that can change his finances and his dreams of getting into politics.   However, Eddie’s became so sick he stumbled into Lindy’s office and told her that he needed the drugs.   Reluctantly, Lindy agreed to get the drugs and found out he hid the drugs in her apart. On her way back to the office Lindy was chased by another person wanting the drug and was forced to take the drug herself to escape.   This was one example of how an addict’s life can inversely impact those involved.
At the very end of the movie supposedly Eddie was no longer addicted...


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