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Life of 21 Century

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Anxiety to please others was always an interest in me.Many times I succeed without any cost, also many times I fail by spending some cost like time, attention etc. This nature forced me to organise the state IRIA conference, to see all my seniors & junior radiologists at my place of profession and to give them the most the best by me. Ok at Berhampur faith of the GB meeting was with me. I was addressed to conduct the conference at Sambalpur and I accepted.Time passed. October come. I aroused from my sleep and started thinking of the conference started working on it also. Under the chairmanship of Prof. J.V.S. Narayan it was very delighting also to conduct such events.

              Wrote pages of letters to trade people, colleague radiologists, seniors and juniors.Started ringing up my friends and well wishers. Always showed them the face that I am capable to do everything. Even serve the moon in their plates. Finally come the finance part.Started begging everybody. Nobody gladly turned up.Except few, showed me my negative points of location logistics infrastructure communication etc. Few told once it was held in Burla and after that IRIA State conference was stopped for few years. OK accepted everything. Here I should mention few of my seniors. Dr. Kamal Lochan Mahapatra, Dr. P.K. Dash and Dr. C. Meher/ Dr. O.P. Agrawal. Komal Bhai called me to Bhubaneswar, handed over the 1st cheque for the conference within seconds and advised me to approach when how whom to get the financial assistances. I worked accordingly to his advice and success rate was 40 percent. Ok then things progressed to some what a presentable manner. Few days later got a registered latter from Beam diagnostics pvt. ltd and found a cheque inside that for the conference. Really throught that, Radiology association is never a homogenous group , always a heterogenous group with few calcific foci.   Absolutely no necrosis.

                  Time passed, I...


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