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Brandon Wallace's Personal Essay

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Brandon Wallace                   Wallace 1
12 March 2012
English 12- Block 2
Mrs. Buettner
Personal Essay
My young and innocent life has been filled with unexpected obstacles and frustrating challenges just as every teenagers life is meant to be, after all of my dedication and perseverance, fortunately I have managed to overcome each obstacle and challenge that was placed before me with great success. But considering that I was lucky enough to have my hero walk along with me through each and every step of the way, it would be ridiculously selfish of me to allow myself to take all of the credit for all of the accomplishments.   Looking back, I realize that I was gifted with an outstanding sister that showed me everything I know about how to be a well respected and courageous person. She has an iron will to pursue and accomplish anything she is willing to dedicate her time to. Not only has she been a wonderful sister to me, but at the same time she also dug deep and found a way to pick up the skills of a mother and get herself through the troubles of everyday life at the age of twelve. Without a doubt my sister is, and will always be, the most brilliant and selfless person in my life.
Always has my sister had very strong leadership skills, and there is no other person on the planet that is able to match how much she cares for the youth of the world as much as she does. Around the same time my sister began to notice the skills that she was capable of, our parents had decided to take their different paths in life, leaving a great weight upon my sister’s
                  Wallace 2
shoulders as I was only four and could not care for myself. Not long after the divorce of my parents did my twelve year old sister realize what challenges life had thrown at her then and there. Out of the goodness in her heart, she gave away her childhood to raise me as her own while my parents we forced to take on two jobs to support themselves in their own...


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