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What is a role model? Some people have different meanings of a role model. To me a role model is someone that inspires you to achieve certain thing in life or has influenced you in a positive way. They help form the way you are in the present and what you could be in the future.  
When it comes to being a role model they should be sincere and not doing things for their good but the good of others. Role models show passion for their work and have the ability to influence others with their passion. They are educators, leaders, hard worker, believer, honest, and trustworthy.
Martin Luther King Jr. is my role model. I chose him because he was a great individual who greatly changed American history and also influence people like Du Bois to take a stand in believing that African Americans should have the same equal rights as the whites did. Martin Luther King Jr. made his voice known to all in America and let everyone know what he wanted to accomplish.   He is also known for the speech that he gave.   He said that “he had a dream that one day his children would "not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of the character." In his speech he was not only talking about his own two kids, but about everybody.
We should care about role models in today’s society because a person like Martin Luther King has made African Americans see things a little bit clearer. They can help children believe that they can do or be anything they want and to always follow your dreams. Being role for a children that has been through a very difficult life can help them know that life will get easier.


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