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Procedures for the Operation of the Overflow Ball Mill

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Procedures for the operation of the overflow ball mill
The Xingbang Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is ball mill, the professional manufacturers of dry-type ball mill, grid ball mill, cement mill, energy-saving ball mill, ball mill technology, mill prices, mill price consultation.Welcome to buy! Overflow ball mill operating procedures, the car prior to the mechanical and electrical parts, check all connecting bolts are loose; the lubrication points, lubrication is normal, normal gear and reliable protection device intact, electrical instruments, sensitive, brushless motor good contact. 2, turning a ball mill   week, the rotating part of the inspection equipment around with or without obstacles, and eliminated.Allowed to stand around in startup. 3 After the check, press the start button to start the ball mill motor, pay attention to current changes.
  The mill no more than two consecutive start, and first and second separated for more than five minutes, the third starter, must electrician, fitter   to cooperate with the inspection only after the start.Shall not start the same since, to be interleaved with other devices in order to avoid tripping. 4, the normal operation   alicey999 of the mill, in strict accordance with water supply, to the mine, adding the provisions of the ball, ban overloaded, idle time is not more than 15 minutes, and avoid to damage the liner. 5, the operation should pay attention to check whether the cylinder leakage pulp, carefully observe the current, voltage, feed, water supply is normal, every half hour to check motor and spindle temperature is not greater than 60   identify problems in time. 6, the operation to observe the hollow shaft, the oil ring is rotating with oil, the hollow shaft temperature is normal, such as found hollow shaft fever, close to bush-burning, they ball mill       should take immediate measures to forced cooling may not stop immediately in order to avoid "hold axis. "At the same time careful to check each lubrication...


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