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Autobiography on Watch

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I am a wristwatch a very common item of purchase for all men, women, and children. Having a well known brand name the HMT is my biggest pride, this is because, I know these days, all humans fall for the name of the brand of any item they use, and so, I am very proud to belong to a brand which is very well known and accepted by all - the brand of HMT watches.

My appearance even is so very attractive that I feel vain to say that now; these days my shape is the one that is most popular. I am hexagon in shape, with a golden body and coloured needles. On this golden body of mine, the numbers are written in black, which make me look a piece to envy for all my brethren.

The first activity of my life that I can recollect is when, with several of my other colleagues small and big I was placed in an HMT showroom in an area called Lajpat Nagar. My birth and younger days I cannot remember but, for me, life started when I first entered the showroom.

Here, all of us friends, small and big sat together and watched the fun in the showroom. The fun consisted in the daily routine at the shop of customers coming and going some buying while others just fidgeting with some of us and leaving us and walking off.

At times we could also hear and even understand some of the conversation between the customers and our salesmen. This routine continued and days passed by, and, I for one stayed in my place for a very long time - may be even a year. Every day some of my friends would leave the showroom and I would feel lonely and even depressed staying there with less and less of company for me to enjoy.

A time came in my life when I started wondering what could be so wrong with me that, no one wanted to buy me. I felt lonely for the lack of company for one, and then was still sadder to note the disinterest people showed in me. Was I so bad, so ugly that, no one, yes no one seemed to like me? This thought made me cry within but what could any one do in the matter? Facts of life and...


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