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I Can Fly

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Anthology Reflection

My theme is “I Can Fly.” It means I can overcome any obstacle and keep trying. Being able to fall and get back up and keep trying. Looking forward and not turning back. I think I have grown a lot this year as a writer. I used to write about childish and stupid topics but now I’m more serious.
I have a better understanding of how to write a good piece. I have a better understanding of how to trap the reader’s mind into my piece. I have grown to like writing a little bit more.
My best topic to write about was the I-Search. I had a lot of fun with it, being able to pick what you want to do instead of the teacher picking it for you. I think that this was a good writing piece to do. We had to do everything ourselves. We had to actually call up professions and interview them and then writing them into an article. The hardest to write would also be the I-Search. We had to write many interview write-ups and do a lot of research. I-Search took the longest out of all to finish writing. My favorite that turned out the best was the Persuasive Speech. My most meaningful piece is the “Day of Sadness.” It was a tragic day for me and I thought I was able to write something about it to calm my feelings. I tried to write it sort of like it was part of a story. The one I hated the most to write was memoir. I didn’t have much to write about and it was hard to think of something very important that changed your life. And the way I wrote it wasn’t that good.
Overall within my writing pieces, I think I did okay. They weren’t the best I could’ve done but it also wasn’t my worst. I know I could’ve done better but didn’t try. There was only one that I really hated writing. I still need improvement on better word choice and need help with the introduction. Also, the conclusion never turns out right for me. Also, I always procrastinate with my writing. I never reach the deadline. I am always passing it and having to lose points and do more work towards the end...


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