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Fly Away Peter

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As Imogen was informed about Jims death she was torn by the realisation that his life was wasted. She had taken the day to go into the city to develop her newest collection of photographs that she had taken of an unknown bird she had spotted the week prior. It was small in comparison to a common raven but seemed large when it was compared to a Western Scrub-Jay, having at least 16 inches in length. Its yellow bill was highlighted against its black the black panel of colour that ran from the birds head, down the front of its body and down to its legs. The darkness contrasted with the birds white belly that framed the sharp, iridescent blue that bordered its wings and long tail. It was unlike any other bird that Imogen had seen before.
When she was in the city she was approached by a familiar man, Jims father. He advised her of Jims passing and although she knew the past that existed between Jim and his father, she knew that on the inside Jims father was mourning the sudden but somehow expected death of his young son. Imogen gave her condolences to him and explained that she knew Jim was taken too early but what he did, he did for the good of others. On the inside, Imogen knew that all of Jims life had been built up for nothing and then ended in the ruthless destruction of his life. A life that had not yet been lived to its full and true extent.
Imogen returned home just as the rain began. Rain that didn’t stop for days. It was the beginning of what would feel like a never ending winter. She spent the days indoors mourning over the loss of Jim and thinking about what she would do with the remainder of her life. As she climbed into bed every night, the rain would cry along with her.
Finally after a period of time that felt like years, but really was only a few months the rain came to a complete halt. The sun peeped out from behind the previously grey clouds that had now turned a fluffy white. All of this happened within what seemed like seconds. Within a few days,...


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