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Was Oliver Cromwell a Hero or Villain

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Oliver Cromwell had been in charge of the New Model Army and had been in charge of King Charles I execution, he was a man of great power and became the Lord Protector of England.
Firstly, Cromwell caused many deaths in wars such as when he sent an army to ‘crush’ Ireland. He also sent an army to ‘crush’ Scotland. Cromwell was very militaristic.
Secondly, Oliver Cromwell had heard terrible rumours about Catholics committing horrible cruelties to people. Cromwell, as a strong Protestant, instantly decided to believe these rumours. He decided it was his duty as a Puritan to punish the Catholics, so he went to Ireland. But the Catholics in Drogheda wouldn’t surrender to Cromwell, so he decided to kill them all. Many of them hid in churches so he set the churches alight and burned them alive along with all the local priests.
He wouldn’t let any of the MP’s who’d supported Charles into Parliament after 1648. The 60 MP’s left had turned Britain into a republic called the Commonwealth. These MP’s also decided to use taxes to make themselves rich, which means Oliver Cromwell let them do at least until 1653. Cromwell decided to throw the corrupt MP’s out which was good.
Cromwell decided to rule without Parliament, which was bad since democratic rule had been what he’d been fighting for in the civil war.   Establishing the rights of Parliament was the justification for his rise to power.   This shows that Oliver Cromwell was a hypocrite as he didn’t actually follow what he had been saying he wanted!
Cromwell gave many other Puritans power because they wanted to end all ‘wicked behaviour’.
Theatres were closed
Many inns were shut down
Nobody was allowed to play football or work on Sundays
There was no freedom of speech
Popular festivities were stopped such as Easter and May Day
Even Christmas day was made a day where you were not allowed to eat, soldiers were sent around to remove meat from the ovens in people’s homes.
Oliver Cromwell put a stop to bull and bear...


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