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Was Oliver Cromwell a Hero or a Villain.

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Ever since Cromwell became Lord Protector of England people have had many different feeling of him. In the nineteenth century historians considered Cromwell to be a great guy. In modern times people tend to call him a monster, and they have many perfectly good reasons to believe so, although not all believe Cromwell was a bad person. Many believe he was a ‘Hero’. Oliver Cromwell ruled England from 1649 to 1658. He had the title of ‘Lord Protector’ from 1653, but some people did not feel in this way, some see him as a ‘dictator’. His actions have caused people to see him as both a ‘Hero’ and a ‘Villain’.
A Key point supporting the view that he was a hero is that he push forward the execution of King Charles the 1st , who was a cruel leader who put his own interests ahead of the interests of the general public. However on the other hand some may of like the King and would not want him dead.
In 1645, Cromwell's New Model Army famously destroyed the king's forces at the Battle of Naseby, then went on to put down rebellions in Wales and Scotland over the next six years. His army tactics were those of a master and all battle fought were won. In contrast to this view, there is clear evidence to support the interpretation of him as a hero.
Though on the other hand, those who see him as a villain would argue that he introduced laws to enforce Puritan morality, for example; nobody was allowed to dance go to theatres or have any sort of unnecessary fun. On Christmas day he would send out police on the streets of London to see if there was anybody cooking, and boys were not allowed to play football on a Sunday.
Though on the other hand people who think he is hero would argue that he let Jewish people back in the country as moneylenders after being banned from


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