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Napoleon Is Villain

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Napoleon was a villain

Have you heard the name of the person who was called as ‘Napoleon’?
I think you might hear that name at least once in your life because he was a famous general and communist when French Revolution had started and French history in terms of both domestic and foreign policy in the period 1799-1815. He was certainly the most famous person in the world and everyone knows about him. Why do you think that he is that famous? Because he had done a lot of works in his life. But still many people are wondering that was he a hero or a villain. But I can say that he was a villain for sure and I am going to tell you more facts and reasons for my opinion but before that I briefly want to talk about him that what things he had done in his life.

As I told you that he was really famous army general in France. He was completely different from other soldiers, because he didn’t have the time of being a soldier, he learned the other way of other people. He was learning the leadership for becoming the leader or the captain of the army. As what he wished, he became a general and communist of France army. And there were lots of problems which make him look very villain.
      First, he wanted too much power and authority. Once he got the power, he wanted more and more, and that causes overthrowing the government. He wanted the power too much so that he used his power to overthrow the government and took all the power which was really bad mistake on him. Do you think which kind of people will like the person who overthrows the government to get his own power? He was a very selfish man, he didn’t care how many of people will die from his war he just wanted to conquer more countries and more lands. There were the demonstrations from citizen who disagree with Napoleon’s idea. But the Napoleon just shot the cannon to the crowd of people who were demonstrating. He killed many innocent people and it made him very bad person.

Second, I can say that he was a...


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