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Critique of a&P

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A critique of “A&P” by John Updike
“I said I quit.” Sometimes you must stand up for your beliefs weather you're right, wrong, or indifferent. While reading A&P a couple different themes were found. For example chivalry is most definitely present. “..remembering how he made that pretty girl blush makes me scrunchy inside..”(31) Sammy has shown chivalry by quitting his job for the sole fact that his employer has disrespected three females and he just won't stand for it. Many feel that nowadays chivalry is dead, but this is a real life example of when it was a common gesture. Another theme I found is upper class versus working class. The store manager of the A&P Lengel felt as if he was above the working class by thinking he could confront any customer without repercussion. Dialogue in this short story is very clear and easy to under stand. Although the dialogue is clear, very understandable, has a good setting, and the ending gives Sammy, the narrator, a sense of accomplishment, the story doesn’t satisfy an overall purposeful meaning.
“A & P” by John Updike is based in a small town in the northeastern part of the United States five miles from the beach. Updike does a great job creating imagery in this short story. The Narrator is a cashier at a local supermarket named the A & P.   Updike starts out with the narrator named Sammy who observes three young women who walk into the store wearing their swimming suites. Sammy and his coworker Stokesie greatly adore the three young ladies just waiting for them to checkout so they will have a chance to talk to them. These three are described with great detail by Sammy. “Girls this isn't a beach.”(13) Lengel is a very prominent church going man, and I get the think that he feels that he is above certain people. According to Sammy not much gets past him. (13)   Lengel sternly tells the girls that their attire isn't going to fly with him. The attractive girls feel very embarrassed, and this upsets the Narrator. Everyone in the...


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