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Began to Be Now What You Will Be Hereafter

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The bowler balls to the batsman's face
With spin fast or medium pace
But bravely does the batsman face
Because he has a helmet on his face

He hits the ball and the fielders race
And throw it back at the wicketkeepers face
For the next ball the baller goes to his place
"One minute" says the batsman, "Let me tie my lace!"

Cricket Poem

Sehwag ki maa ko bulao,

Sachin ko Pepsi pilao,

Ganguly ko Chawanprash khilao,

Kaif ko Lays khilao,

Dravid ko castrol pilao


Iradehai nek, hosle hai buland,

kasam hai hindustan ki ,

phir wohi jalwa dikhaenge,

rawalpindi express ko

local train banayenge.

aaj ek ball aur khel lo ,

aaj ek bat aur pakad lo ,

aaj ek wicket aur le lo ,

aaj ek match aur jeet lo...

aaj bas aaj...
... ¬Ľ

School poem

1st poem-
school just school

School we need it
school, friends
school you have teachers
school is great
high school is even better
college, PARTIES

school you mite find your true love
new experiences everyday
school, dances
school just school
school who dose not love it
school is fun

school, preps
school, classes
school, math, science, computer classes
school is great love it
school just school
we need school
2nd poem-
School days: a bad memory

School is where i have to go
School is like hell
School is where my bad points show
School is a prison cell

School is where im a punch bag
School is where i'm sent
School is where i'm called a hag
School is where i repent

I met a new kid at school today
thought i'd show them around
They gave me a look that said go away
Next second im on the ground

School is where we learn
So here is your education.
3rd poem

School Is Not So Cool

School, School, School,
A school is not cool
We're here 5 days a week
8 hours a day.
School, School, School,
A school is not cool.
People laugh when we fall
we just have to make a call.
School, School, School
A school is not cool.
We have to work hard to get good grades
I'm not going to do it no more
I do...


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