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Love and Peace

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Love and Peace in the mind
During peace week I learned about many things like flute and bowls or even how colors help people out at calming their mind. Even though I learned a lot there is still many things that I haven’t learned. Sounds can calm the mind down so we can feel at peace inside us during time of great stress some of the sounds come from flutes, bowls or just easy going music but it still takes effort to get to that tranquility.
I learned that flutes are used to help people to get toward tranquility during like yoga or other things. They have so many different flutes because there are some different style flutes that have their own sound. The flutes they use an Indian flutes that are made from tree bark or branches, like the man that was playing it for our college. He actually had a flute made from a tree branch, which his friends and buddies mess with him about it.
Another thing I learned about was the bowls they used. They had these bowls that they would tap and make this ringing noise then they would take the baton and circle it on the bowl the make it kind of hum, which sounded very beautiful to the ear. These bowls are made out of a crystal which go figure they use it in computers for the main purpose of the crystals. The white colored bowls are pure crystals will the other colors aren’t, but still make a beautiful sound.
Another thing that is interesting I learned myself is that colors sooths the mind. Also the arts and crafts table was fun I got to make a sand art bottle which turned out really well. I really enjoyed the food and I got a button for peace too. People got to make tie dye shirts or make bandanas. It was so much fun to do all these different type of thing that I normally wouldn’t do.
All in all it was very fun I got to learn about different sounds that can come from some many different flutes and what they are made out of. I also got to learn about bowls that create so many different hums and the material that they are made...


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