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Adrian Figueroa
Michael Rather
English 1301-80
12 September 2012
Many of Today’s Drivers Have Dangerous Habits
Teen’s reckless driving has become a large issue lately. Teens are inexperienced and can easily be distracted. We teenagers behave as if we are immortal. Teen drivers don’t have a serious view on safe driving. Statistics show that teen crashes are the leading rate of accidents. These accidents happen because teens take too many risks. They drive fast and don’t pay attention to the road and their surroundings. There are a lot more rules and regulations teens ignore and put their, and other’s lives in danger.

Fourteen percent of all deaths caused by motor vehicle Accidents are teenagers. Sixteen year olds get in more wrecks than any other age group. Speeding causes one third of teenage car accidents. Teenagers like to drive late and that is a problem because they’re at risk of getting in a car accident due to drowsiness. Drinking and driving is also a problem for teens. Alcohol is responsible for nearly half of teen motor vehicle deaths. There are many innocent victims that will die in car wrecks each year with a teenager involved. Sixty nine percent of teen drivers say they speed to keep up with traffic.

Teens in today’s world have too many unsafe driving habits such as, talking and texting on cell phones, eating and/or drinking, not wearing a seat belt, running red lights, and speeding. Most teens also like to ride with their music turned up extremely loud, and although listening too loud music is not a crime, having it too loud will makes them unable to hear emergency sirens. Since the bass on loud music makes the side mirrors shake and rattle, they will probably be unable to see them too. Another unsafe habit is applying makeup while driving, It causes the driver to lose focus, possibly leading to an accident. Drivers who carelessly lose focus on the road show no concern for their safety or the safety of others.

Failure to wear seat belts...


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