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Fashion and College

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Good Afternoon, for those who don’t know me my name is mike jones. And I will be talking about Money, Fashion, and The College Student. We all know that money and fashion are two of the most important necessities for the average college student. But before I get started I would like for you to take time and read the article and then I’ll get into my presentation.

How many people can relate to article or know someone that can? It’s kinda interesting that after doing alot of researching about my article, the topic mainly focused on African-American students, or HBCU’s. At most black schools making a fashion statement, and how much money someone has defines a person. Students spend more time determining what they going to wear to class the next day, what they going to wear to the club, or what exclusive outfit they’re going to buy for homecoming, than studying for a simple test. In a way it shows that most African-American students don’t have their priorities straight. Has anyone seen someone walk pass you or anybody else and they looked at that persons shoes. Ladies I heard that a pair of shoes can influence your decision on talking to someone. Why is that? Is appearance and fashion more important to you than personality? I thought college students are supposed to be broke.

There are many factors that can influence the fashion of a college student. The refund check is one. Throughout the semester students were lining up at the cashier’s office to collect their refund checks. Thanks to refund checks student go out and buy things they normally couldn’t afford such as cars, clothes, jewelry, cell phones, and all that other good stuff. Some students rush out and buy the latest Jordan’s or Nike’s in all types of colors. Shoes that ranges from $125-$165 in men. The outfit won’t be complete without an authentic jersey or throwback jersey that cost from $200-300. And for females, they have to have that name brand purse, jacket, perfume, or...


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