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The Remarkable Phenomena

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Hello everyone, today my topic is globalization.
Globalization is one of the most remarkable phenomena of the late 20th and the early 21st centuries. Globalization of economy is an amazing significance to the globalization of the world. The benefits of globalization of economy are obvious, also creates a number of problem have to face. Next, I will discuss about some different fields with the globalization of economy.
Globalization of economy
With the concept of globalization, which is including “international economy” and “domestic economy” and the “multi-national or transnational markets” This definition is only emphasized the economic aspect of globalization; Economic globalization is the world’s product of the development of economic and technological. From some point of view, that means it can adapt to the requirements of the further development of the productive forces. It can always improve the development of national economies. Economic globalization for developing countries can attract more foreign investment conditions and opportunities. To attract foreign investment scale will no doubt help to solve the problem of shortage of funds in developing countries. However, economic globalization also can make the world’s economy reserves a huge risk. In particular, in 2009, a global financial crisis is affects all around the world. This disaster outbreak in USA, and quickly spread all over the world. At the same time, countries which has high dependence on foreign trade, especially in the countries that close contact with the outside countries has the largest turbulence. Therefore, the United States, Britain, France, Germany and some other developed countries has the most affect. But, in term of the capitalist world, they expand the products and services, due to the cheap raw materials, labor and new market needs, make the capitalist world from the first Euro-centric to the whole world.
Culture and the globalization of economy
Culture is the...


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