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My Most Special Special Momment

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I like celebrations and parties; they are a good excuse to enjoy good company and let yourself go. However, as I have grown older, my perspective on celebrations has changed. When you are young, it seems as if the celebrations revolve around you; the adults smother you with their doting and shower you with presents only because they see you as an innocent little tot. You have no idea about the significance of the day. You just enjoy the attention.

As you grow older, you gain more knowledge and understanding about the significance of the practices and festivals. You enjoy everything but with a sense of responsibility and knowing.

Waking up early, really early, is my biggest bugbear. With all the excitement, anticipation and preparation the night before, an early rise is not always that easy.

It’s all worth it though when you put on your newest clothes- the best outfit you have been saving for this day. You feel special. You look special. However, it is not just about dressing up and feeling good. You have to fulfil your religious duties too. So early morning prayers, giving charity and remembering the deceased are an integral part of the celebrations.

Occasions bring people together. There are some you look forward to sharing the day with and some colourful characters that you have to call ‘family’. Gifts exchange hands. Handshakes and hugs come thick and fast.

Reminding myself to steer clear of one of my aunties, I head for the back room. I dread being hugged out of breath by her. From a distance she could be mistaken for Pat Butcher from Eastenders. Rotund and robust, she stands formidable with arms wide open and a huge comic strip smile, ready and waiting to give you that huge hug. Occasionally, there’s a little lift if she’s feeling a tad hearty. And yet, despite my best efforts, there’s just no escaping the ‘great squeeze’. This time it’s with a pat on the head as well! She probably still sees me as a ten year old just because I’m shorter than...


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