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Romeo and Juliet Plot Analysis

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Romeo and Juliet Assignment
Plot Analysis:
A feud between two ancient families who are of Verona, Italy; the Montague and Capulets has caused much disruption in the city for a long time. Romeo; a Montague is in love with Rosaline, but cannot marry her because she sworn to not marry, the depressed and love-sick Romeo is taken by his friend Benvolio to a party held by the Capulets, Benvolio uses this party to try to help Romeo find new love. At the party, Romeo meets Juliet; a Capulet and experiences love at first sight, however, Juliet has to leave the ball and the two arrange for Romeo to meet Juliet at her balcony. Overhearing her from her balcony, Romeo learns of Juliet’s love for him, the two learn that they are from enemy families, despite being from opposing families, the two decide to rebel and marry each other for their love. Romeo then leaves Juliet to seek the wise Friar Lawrence to help them arrange the marriage. Friar Lawrence sees the marriage of the two young lovers from opposing families as any opportunity to reconcile the two families to stop the conflict and disruption. The next day Romeo and Juliet are secretly married by Friar Laurence. However, shortly after their marriage, the play is changed dramatically as major complication occurs when Romeo's best friend Mercutio becomes engaged in a fight with Juliet's cousin Tybalt. Romeo tries to break up the fight, but this action results in the accidental killing of Mercutio. Feeling the need to revenge his kinsman, Romeo slays Tybalt, and then is banished from the city. Before he leaves, Juliet's nurse helps Romeo spend the night with Juliet. The next day Juliet goes to the friar to desperately appeal for help. Being pushed to come up with an idea so quickly, the Friar audaciously gives Juliet a potion that will her into a coma-like state for forty-two hours, Capulet’s plan is to send a messenger to Romeo to have him meet Juliet in the family tomb where she will awake and reunite with Romeo. However,...


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