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# Write up- Write a solution for poverty and the hungry or you could make a poster/chart picturising the topic, afforestation.
#Write up- on the protection of the girl child.
$ Key points:
  * Why the girl child needs to be protected? E.g. Harassment of women, caste system, the injustice done to women politically, financially, morally and physically.
  * -------------------------------------------------
How can we protect the girl child? E.g. raise opinions, protests, etc.
# Write up:- Prepare a write up imagining life without paper
# Report Writing-on Rationing:
$ Key points:
  * Identify the purpose of rationing
  * The main features of the rationing system before 1997
  * Problems related to the rationing system before 1997
  * Current rationing system followed in our country
  * Problems forced under the current rationing system
  * -------------------------------------------------
Your suggestions for these problems
# Prepare a case study on the life of the tribal:
$ Key points:
  * Their living conditions, their life style, etc.
  * -------------------------------------------------
Illustrate using pictures and relevant information

# Poster making- Election Campaign:
Imagine you are standing for the post of counselor in your area. Create your own symbol, party name, principles and policies.
# Collage:
Collect newspaper clippings related to violation of rights. Stick pictures related to the subject or the clipping in your activity note book.
# Activity notebook:
  * Finish all the maps and graphs for the SA-2 internal assessment and stick them in the activity notebook.


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