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The Last Song

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Danielle N. Credic                                    
Mr. McMillan
English 12
11 April 2011
The Last Song

                          The Last Song portrays the life of a teenage girl with a tough past and a harder future. “Dealing with depression, losing love, betrayal, and forgiveness “(Themes, Motifs, and Symbols pg.5). It was written to influence and inspire teenagers with similar life experiences. From reading The Last Song, Sparks took reality from regular teenager, society, and class brought it to the level to make it spark teenagers’ interest. Sparks portrayed Ronnie’s’ life as dramatic and ever changing.
          Seventeen year old Veronica “Ronnie” Millers life is turned upside down. She was destined for greatness. At the age of eight she was a child prodigy. She played the piano the best in the country. Her community predicted that she would attend Julliard on a full scholarship. Though when her father was caught in an affair with another woman her mother pushed for a divorce. The result of her parents’ separation put her into a deep hole of despair. She refused to play the piano again. She stops talking to her father all together and starts to have a rebellious streak with her mom and their community.
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                The life of a teenager is a time of social change, emotional stress, rebelliousness, and uncommon family relationships. Sparks added all of this into his book. Ronnie Miller was always in some sort of trouble. Whether it is with the law or her mother. Trouble seemed to follow her wherever she went. There were no family values n a place where kids could do what they wanted when they wanted. As a result Ronnie was arrested for robbery and given probation. For the summer Ronnie and her brother are shipped to live with their father who lives in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina (Sparks 39)
                        The Last Song shows the life of a teenage girl in this day and age. Where hard work and...


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