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Essay of Memory of My Childhood

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Childhood is the most moving time of every person’s life. It differs from all other stages of life because children are unique creatures. They have no idea about money, power, carrier advancement, love affairs, and all other things that sometimes spoil adult life and make adults lie and be sly. Children are sincere; they are what they really are. They show their feelings; they love and want to get to know everything around them.
so I always think of the purity of children.. it is coming to mind to self childhood when I think about them.. I was naughty child. I used to fight with my sister and my friends. I used to break to windows' glass our neighbour. my mum could not cope with me. and.. she decided to register me to primary school too early. I was five years old when I started school. it was very difficult adjustment to school. because I did not know anyone. everyone is bigger   than me. they were 6 years old and ı was 5 years old. everyone is taller than me.
while I was smaller than them, I knowed reading and writing.   everyone is friend together but ı was alone. I had just a friend.
her name is özlem. she has curly and blond hair and big brown eyes. she was very pretty girl. she was talkative (like me), friendly,carresing and optimistic person. but as well as she has black dog too. she was jealous and selfish. because she hadn't any sister or brother. her family dotes upon to her. they used to do that her diseres and wishes. they bought her everything. so she is soo wayward. Nevertheless, it is very enjoyable to be with her.
so our teacher loved me. but I am afraid of him. he had broad sholders, big hands. His voice is so thick. he was po-face person.


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