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Unspoken Words

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Meaning Behind Unspoken Words
The human mind is seldom satisfied, always seeking more. Through fears and uncertainty for better than before, from the beginning of mans first successful expressed reason, those first human words of "duh" and "buh" (F. Macraie Science Correspondent, Man’s First Words. Daily Mail) or the melody of three knocks of wood, "Ding-ding-dong." "Duh-duh-buh." "Buh- buh-duh!" Enlightening as it may have been, the curious and unsatisfied human mind continues to ponder creativity in expressions of communication beyond the common ordinary meaning. For example the complexities that define one extreme to the other, as in heaven and hell. On the other hand, I must argue to agree with W.S. Merlin as he defines poetry, "able to convey meanings of words not spoken," while also grasping a readers attention once begun and led on a journey with unlimited possibilities envisioned while such artistic works of poetry is recited. Further, I will summarize the scholarly arts and introduce some poetic writings able to give a clear insight and understanding to Merwin's point of view.
Art comes in many forms and have many meanings that can bring up emotions or tears too! The visual arts can be of many textures or forms, however a portrait of a far away loved one, or an old dusty painting of a seashore sunset from an unforgotten place and time, will always touch the heart. They say art is in the eye of the beholder, that may be true. However, when you behold and ponder one’s artwork you either identify or try and ask yourself why this caught your eye.
When we speak of the art of music it somehow takes us full circle back to childhood songs and melodies, and may lean towards a vigorous beat, giving thoughts of the young wild and free, ready to rock n roll ! Yet many have come to hear and feel a deep connection to musical arts and a feeling of spiritual harmony. Any variety of fine arts music can bring feelings of joyful vitality of being young, wild, and...


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