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Shc 21 Unit 1.1

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Stephanie Birch
1.3- Explain why it is important to observe an individual’s reaction when communicating with them.
It is important to observe an individual’s reaction when communicating because it will help you understand what they have said to you more. You do this by noticing their facial expression and their body language. When observing people’s reaction you should be aware that facial expression and their gestures can mean different things in different cultures, for example nodding your head means yes and in most parts of the world causes agreements but in parts of India nodding a head can mean no. Also when observing people’s reactions non-verbal communication can pass on information just as much as verbal communication but in some cases it could come across as more. If someone doesn’t agree with you in what you are saying they may lose eye contact with you and not take notice in what you are saying, but other people could do it because they are having difficulty in understanding what you are saying or they might not wont to show you there feelings so they look away from you stopping you from noticing what they are feeling. When it comes to peoples body posture if you read it properly you can read their true feelings for example if some is folding their arms this could show the person may be angry or cross with a child, or if a person is shitting very relaxed with shoulders this could tell us they are confident or even laid back.   When people use touch in communication you have to observe their reactions because in some places or some cultures it can be used more or not at all, you need to make sure when an individual use touch you need to make sure you respond properly and appropriately or it could lead to bad things.


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