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Ancient Greek History

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Main Idea Bullet:
There was a time in Ancient Greek history where the disconnect between supernatural believers and un-supernatural believers grew.   This disconnect led to disputes mainly between philosophers and ordinary religious followers.   Despite the famous philosophers having radical views on ideas that were accepted for many years before thy came along, as you will see, their ideas were instrumental in the development of Ancient Greek history as we study it today.   Although philosophies dealing with scientific explanations on higher powers were abundant, philosophical views on politics were just as abundant.   These views on politics by philosophers like Plato and Aristotle helped change Greek philosophy for the better.   It can be argued that philosophy was the thriving point of Ancient Greece.  

Basis for Modern Science Bullet:
Ancient Greece is referred to as the birthplace of Western Culture because it is assumed that they were home to philosophers that paved the way for rational and educational theories on many things including science.   These ideas on science especially, are so extensively studied because of how accurate their findings were.   For example, Leucippus and Democritus were famous philosophers who in around 400 B.C. formulated the first theory on atoms.   They were obviously many years ahead of their time because scientists today are still learning about the atom today.   With the accurate and detailed philosophies Greeks had in the field of science, it is no wonder why Ancient Greece is considered the birthplace of Western Culture.  

Mythology Bullet:
Mythology and philosophy of Greek proportion seemingly go hand in hand.   Mythology dealt with people praising a multitude of gods and goddesses dealing with daily blessings.   On the other hand, philosophy dealt with more a scientific approach on things, often contradicting the beliefs of many religions.  

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