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Eduardo Rosales
Proffessor Hunter
English 015
10 September 2012
Essay # 1
Its Better to Give than Receive
Attractive,smart,athletic and down to earth are some of the traits that help describe my best friend Guadalupe. Her sense of humor and humble personality make her a person I cherish greatly. Lupita's importance to me in my life is by far the most influential and positive I have ever had.
As days before summer vacation awaited the excitement from most of my classmates didn’t wait to expose. From a wooden desk in the back of the lonely classroom, with a chair transmitting a cold sensation , like snow rolling down my spine, with graffiti all over the desk almost spelling out the words, “High School Dropout ,” I watched my classmates laugh, cry and even dance of happiness of   the completion of a new year. Then, like in most of my classes Lupita sat next to me “Holding my back,” kind of like a flower depends on sunlight to bloom or how a car needs gasoline to run. In contrast to Guadalupe's seat her's seemed kind of hot compared to mine she would lean back and the seat wouldn’t even make a sound, she had all the resources she needed to succeed at a simple reach. The stapler , the sharpener and even the teacher, not to mention she had a perfect view of her name “Guadalupe Garcia” up on the wall as one of the top students of the class. The desktop instead of laughing like it did with me, it reflected lupita's beautiful image, her bright smile and her precious caramel eyes that emphasize   her long dark beautiful hair.
Later in the class maybe a quarter before the bell rang everyone in class received there final grade. I knew I didn’t do very good on my test a few days before but I couldn’t let my best friend know. I wanted to impress her after being by her side through awards like the MVP of the volleyball team, top ten student of the whole Junior class and best attendance. So as soon as my teacher gave me the results I took a glance at it and tried to...


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