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Teenage Depression Effects

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Effects of teenage depression

Throughout the years parents watch their children grow up. Many parents may tend to think they always know what’s wrong with us young adolescents. Do they really? Now a day a disorder known as teenage depression is becoming an issue among teenagers. Since it is common among young adolescents most adult parents will not notice the symptoms of this disorder. On a normal day to day basis adolescents already go through many mood swings and changes. With that being parents just think it is normal for their child to act that way. The problem in this case goes farther than just a simple change of hormones or rebellion.   It may seem that way at first for the simple fact that adolescents already go throw emotional changes from the transition of a young child becoming an adult. This illness that is so popular in our generation of children now is far more than just a tantrum. Teenage depression is a serious disorder that if it is not treated can lead to long term effects such as addiction to drugs, isolation and even death. Depression doesn’t discriminate against gender it will affect both females and males. Statistics do show that it will affect females more than males. Regardless of who has been affected by this depression they should get treated soon.

Every teen goes through changes in their early life. Whether the change is major or insignificant it will have an effect. That may be where teenage depression can come along. Statistics show that over the course of one year or more 8% of teenagers suffer of depression. Some factors that contribute to teen depression are for example anxiety, abuse by a family member or friend, or sometimes depression is passed on by family genes related to the disorder. Teen depression causes teens to feel fatigue or pain, social problems like sudden drop in grades, or difficulty in making decisions. In order to sometimes treat this depression teen are prescribed antidepressant pills. This prescription helps...


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