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Some people believe that university graduates should pay the full cost of their education. Others say that university education should be free. Discuss both views and give your own opinion. 

The discussion of whether the university tuition should be completely out of the graduates’ pocket or free has caused great concern in society. To my mind, this payment should be shared between students and the government.

It is neither reasonable nor realistic that the government or the graduates should be fully responsible for the university fee. If the government had to pay the fee in full, this may well either bankrupt it or drain its funds and resources that can be used in otherwise used in more critical fields, such as national defense. In addition, it would not be fair to ask all taxpayers to chip in, because different people have divergent views about university education. Similarly, the total amount of the tuition would be not only a burden but also a demotivation to the students. For one thing, most normal families may well not able to afford to fund such expensive education for their children even though they wish to. For another, knowing that they do not have a shot at college, young people are discouraged to pursue higher education or even motivated to quit school.

As a consequence, I personally believe that it is fair to expect a joint share of the tuition payment between the graduates and the government. In this way, either side would avoid suffering from potential financial distress. This would, in turn, promote the development of tertiary education, which is the key driving force for the betterment of society.

In conclusion, I think it sensible that both individual students and the government make united efforts to solve this tuition fee dilemma.


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