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Why Flood Happens

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Natural disasters such as flash floods and landslides often occur. Discuss the causes of the disaster. [Requirements questions; causes of natural disasters, flash floods and landslides] So, if a candidate without specifying discuss catastrophic events, causes maximum marks for good-example effects.

If the candidate only discusses the causes of the disaster that is not a natural disaster, such as accident, fire - the maximum score better.


Almost daily news and reports about natural disasters such as flash floods and landslides have graced the newspapers. The report is concerned with natural disasters, never stop being displayed in the newspaper lately. What are the causes of flash floods and landslides?

As we are aware, flash floods caused by drainage and waste disposal systems are not efficient. In fact, landslides caused by uncontrolled logging. Landslides occur as soon as there is no grip of tree roots and lead to flash flooding due to sedimentation in rivers or drains has increased.

If we review from a different angle, both natural disaster is caused by human behavior that greed and worship of wealth. Foreign investors have set up plants in various places to generate economic growth in their home country. These mills associated with the use of raw materials such as wood and other forest resources has resulted in forests of evergreen had cleared. The clearing of forests in the unknown has led to natural disasters such as landslides and flash floods.

The rapid proliferation of the industrial sector have sprouted like mushrooms after the rain has encouraged the newly opened areas in the highlands. This will cause the water catchment area was destroyed and lead to flash flooding. Thus, the country's heavy industry-oriented as our neighboring Bangkok, Thailand and Japan have been hit by flash floods.

Illegal logging is also a factor landslide. Although the national forest or national park has been gazetted as a protected area in...


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