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Internet's Affect on Learning

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James Centineo
Internet’s Affect on Learning
The internet is used daily by everyone all over the world. Whether it is a business man selling items on eBay or a student in high school finding information for school. The internet has had false and true information since it has been open to the public. The internet has had a major negative impact on education since it has been open for public use, giving students unreliable sources, leading students to improper spelling and grammar and also producing issues with student handwriting.
Students frequently conduct research by using sources that lack credibility and are potentially inaccurate. For example, the website Wiki is open for community editing even if the user is without credible sources. By using sites like these, students do not realize that the website that they go to and get information from can be edited and can have false sources or facts. In addition, students can end up committing plagiarism. This can cause confusion about accepted research methods and yield a lack of research skills. Another example students plagiarize is because students can get an obscure article, poem or short story for a writing class. Students do this simply because they do not expect to be caught or because they expect instant success with little effort.
Most students today have developed spelling skills that cannot earn them a passing grade in their classes. Today, students are abbreviating words and phrases because they are either too lazy to write the whole word or they do not know how to spell the word correctly. Students also translate letters to numbers to shorten how much they eventually have to write. An example of this is, “c u l8r.”   People will communicate through text-based symbols because they believe everybody knows how to read this form of communication. Moreover, people intentionally misspell words to shorten how much they have to write or type. Students who often use online venues such as IM, chat and social...


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