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Taking Inequality

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Surname: Arıkanlı
Name: Nezih
Taking Away Inequality
Social exclusion is a drastic and pervasive issue of societies. It has been creating a growing gap between the urban underclass and high-class. Moreover, because of this gap, the middleclass is perishing simultaneously. On this issue, Murray (1984) and Wilson (1996) have tried to describe and explain the city problems in U.S. cities. Both writers state that unemployment cause many serious problems in the corporate social life (Toynbee, 1967). Notwithstanding that both writers argue that the problem is joblessness, the reasons which they give for the joblessness issue is different in their articles. Wilson asserts that the reason of joblessness is government policies, but Murray says that the reason of joblessness is the plight of poor people. Although Wilson gives interesting and plausible ideas, it seems that Murray is more convincing because: Showing positive discrimination toward poor people creates inequality and providing unemployed people with good standards of living is a disincentive to work.
Behaving toward people based on their social class, culture or skin color leads precisely to inequality among people. This inequality can be precluded by having adequate and impartial laws, because having the same rights is what makes a settlement a livable place in which people can dwell under equal and democratic laws. Therefore, no matter how plausible the ultimate goal, behaving toward people differently is not admissible. Additionally, racial issues become more pervasive and these issues are exacerbating employment problems. But when people try to help the needy and prevent racism toward colored people, colored people become priority-given people because of showing them much more latitude. In 1984, Murray reported that “My proposal for dealing with the racial issue in social welfare is to repeal every bit of legislation and reverse every court decision that in any way requires, recommends, or awards...


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