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Wwi Blitz vs Wwii Blitz

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The result of German air attacks on Britain in the Second World War cause immense damage and destruction – to life and buildings. In contrast, in the First World War, the threat from the air by Germany was almost non-existent.
How far do the sources you have used support this interpretation of the effects of the air raids on Britain in the two World Wars?

Whilst most people know about the Blitz of World War I, many seem to have forgotten about the air raids of the First World War. This essay shall compare the two and the damage caused by each. There are many similarities as well as differences between them. For example, in both there was a large psychological effect which was caused by civilian populations being caught in the firing line of war. Both used searchlights and anti-aircraft guns (however in WWII they had many more of both) of to try and combat the threat bombs being dropped by various aircraft. However, there are not many more things they had in common. The Blitz of WWII lasted from September 1940 to May 1941, whilst the air raids of WWI lasted over three years, from 1915-1918. However, despite being so much longer, the WWI Blitz killed 557 people, whilst WWII’s killed 48000. The WWII air raids were much more destructive in this sense.
I will be looking at eight sources over the course of this essay to help me delve deeper into the subject. The first source is a Wikipedia entry on the Zeppelins used in WWI raids, accompanied by a picture of a destroyed street. Source 2 is also a Wikipedia article, also on the Zeppelins used, with a photo of a Zeppelin to go with it. My third source is a photo taken from a newspaper showing the queen and king visiting a bomb-damaged area of London in WWII. The fourth is a report from the council on the Blitz. Source 5 is text taken from the Arsenal website about the club’s history with the Blitz. The sixth source is a painting by Henry Moore along with an article from a newspaper on it. Source 7 is a man talking...


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