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Cause and Effect of a Negative Body Image

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In the society we live in today body image is a huge part of our daily lives.  From deciding what to wear in the morning to what you should eat for dinner the idea of how your body is going to look is taken into consideration.  Ranging from girls to guys of all ages how you look and feel about your physique can be a real issue.  There are several different factors that can contribute to a negative body image along with several different repercussions that come along with it.  
Negative body images can be caused by a variety of influences.  From a young age little kids are subjected to the "perfect body" Ken and Barbie provide a display of what this is.  Barbie has a tiny waist, long, skinny legs, big boobs, and a beautiful made up face to top it off.  Her male counterpart, Ken, mirrors this perfection with defined abs, broad shoulders, and a muscular build.  Although kids know that this is not what their young body will look like they do expect to resemble this impossible body when they grow up.  As we grow older these dolls become more real however, instead of Ken and Barbie they're models for Calvin Klein and Victoria’s Secret and they're everywhere.  In our modern culture media has a huge presence in our lives.  Plastered all around us on billboards, magazines, TV's, and online are the pictures of models stripped down to their underwear looking as flawless as ever.  This is advertisement. They mean to say "wear our brand and you could look like this.” As stupid as it may seem, we all fall for it, we idolize it.  You can run of and buy exactly what Miranda Kerr was wearing on the cover of the new Victoria’s Secret catalog but when you get home at night and look in the mirror at your purchase I can guarantee you won’t like she did in it.  From the time you're 2 years old playing with your dolls on the floor society has brainwashed you to believe in the figure you should be and strive for.  When the image you have in your head isn’t the image staring back from the...


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