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Side Effect of Using Smart Phones

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In the 21st centuries , smartphone is one of the greatest invention in this developed technology era . Smartphones are advance version of mobile phones . Moreover , smartphones have better functions compare to mobile phones . For instance , wifi connection , high megapixels of camera , GPS and able to download a lot of useful applications . This is why smartphones are widely used by human nowadays . However , nothing is perfect , smartphones still bring side effects which will influence the society and our daily lives. These side effects of using smart phones including damaging our body health , have less contact to the people around us and people becoming more materialistic . According to the statistic of smart phones usages in our daily lives , majority of the people use their smartphones more than 7 hours a day which is 4 hours more than the mobile phone users , so it is also proved that the numbers of people who are affected have increased . Smart phones can massively damage our body health through the radioactive released from the phone . Mobile phones do release radioactive and damage to our body too , but it is not as much as smartphones do . The reason behind is the period of the user used . Smartphone users are usually addicted to the applications and other attractive features such as games , social network , web browsing and also listen to musics . This shows that the period used by the smartphone users are longer than the mobile phone users . Therefore , the time they contact to the radioactive are twice more than the mobile phone users and the chances to get diagnose in disease will also increase . In addition , using smartphone will also cause less communication to people around us . Social network is the main factor that causes smartphone users to have less contact to their friends and family . For example Facebook , Twitter , MySpace , Google+ and so on . Social network is a good place for people to contact to their friends, old friends as well as...


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