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Smart Phones

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Smart Phones

Smart phones are major innovations of 2012. They have improved miles since the old fashion bricks found earlier on in mobile technology they are now made to make the owners life a lot easier. They are designed these days to make emailing and texting a lot easier for the owner. The screen on them have large touch screen button so the older users can use text much easier. Also the buttons are laid out very much like a computer key board which is much better for the younger users as they use computers a lot and will be used to the key board layout. Take the blackberry curve for example the buttons on it are laid out the exact same as my computer key board is. These phones make it a lot easier to text as well which is why the texting in the UK has increased majorly in the last 3 years and the calls rate has declined as the phone no longer are just for calling they are now for texting mainly now. Also their large screens which allow to to browse the internet better and view pictures closely. These phones are very useful devices in many ways and like I said browse the internet they have brilliant software on them that allow them to do this extremely quickly, they are now bringing of 4G which will be faster than the broadband you normally find in peoples houses and to have this on you hand held phone is just amazing. Smart phones also allow you to keep in contact with your friends on facebook as they have face book apps where you can post a status on the move or message your friends for free on other apps like “Whatsapp” which is free messaging to your friends over the internet. But there are down sides to smart phone, as the software improves and the phones become more desirable the cost increases but hundreds of pounds its like £400 to buy an iphone new compared to the £10 for a old fashion no apps brick phone, and if you drop a smart phone the screens on them smash very easily as the glass is very thin so one small drop and your screen has smashed and...


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