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Thus we can assume that for the betterment of the society, of the welfare of the student community, for the prosperity of the nation and for every lasting peace in the universe, the students should be allowed to have their say in all matters, which concern them.

There is also the dark side of it that is being witnessed these days. In the garb of politics, students take to destruc­tive means. They ignore their studies and they think that copying is their right. Attendance should not be a condition for taking an examination.

The indiscipline and unrest among the students prove that the modern politics has totally failed to tackle their problems. The students should not be allowed to take active part in politics. I may be excused if I assert that the fault does not lie with the students who are as delicate as the new branch of a new plant; the fault lies with the politicians who try to use the young blood for the welfare of their own party purposes.

Party politics and politics are two separate things. As far as the former is con­cerned, the politicians should understand that to meet their selfish ends, they should not misuse the young blood. They should remember that the coming generation would never pardon them. The students should be allowed to take an active part in the politics and in all those matters which are concerned with their present and future. They should not follow the slogans and the dogmas of the so-called politi­cians who proclaim themselves to be their friends, well-wishers and their saviours.
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