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Head Shot!: Video Game Violence.

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In a world run by the ease of an ever increasing, and easily accessible technology it is easier for more and more viewers to be exposed to the violence presented in today’s world. As Todd Gitlin Stated in Media Unlimited, violence and aggression are not enhanced through streams of media. Violence is simply human nature and can cause learning from its acts. If anything it helps people turn against real world hostility and the violence may not emanate from the media, but create it.
Belligerence through all types of media is claimed to cause “copy-cat carnage” where people seeing it on television, paper, or more commonly the internet, are going to repeat it. In most cases the parents will have already told the child that physics of cartoons and how it isn’t real, and the difference between cartoon violence and the real world.
With war ever so prominent in our world today is it really fair to say that violence comes from watching the different forms of media? Anywhere you go today there is not some kind of news that has to do with fighting somewhere. It is what makes the news, what constructs it. Fighting is what will sell papers, make headlines and catch people’s attention. So could they really think any better? In a way humans crave violence. It is pleasing to see someone who is not us being hurt or tormented; it makes us feel how lucky we are not to be those people. Shadenfreude, or happiness at the misfortune of others.
However some people who watch news on any war that is going on, or really any kind of conflict where they see people being treated brutally, will also find a distaste in it. Many do not like seeing people being hurt. and decide against the acts of violence Watching people being shot or punished over trivial things won’t promote brutality among people. Many will try to stop the violence in peaceful ways, others will also turn to violence to make their point but it is not the type of violence the mainstream media has put into them. Violence has...


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