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Utilitarian Ethics

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      A philosophy does not remain binding if it does not contain some inherent consequences for one to break the rules. A look at the correlation that exist between morality and psychological handling of a solution proves the significance of utilitarian system. With the understanding of the utilitarian system one can then understand the process involved in making of ethical and moral decisions. A look at utilitarianism as an ethical framework reveals a concept that looks at the results or outcome of a certain action. The framework focuses on actions done ethically through making concrete decisions on the actions that will prove to be more beneficial. It looks at actions taken in trying to maximize on the good and bad of an action.

      From the case study, the issue of the auto companies venturing into China and inflicting serious harms on the global environment brings forth serious ethical issues. Mill arguments stems that happiness forms the sole basis of morality. Mill supports his arguments with excerpts that shows that all the objects in peoples desired is aimed at happiness.   He tries to answer the question of moral and ethical issues with a look at the consensus and principles that supports the notion of right and wrong.

      The auto companies such as General Motors (GM), Volkswagen, Toyota, Honda, Ford, Citroen, and BMW altogether invested over twenty million dollars to improve the Chinese auto industry. Their actions were meant to develop the auto industry and bring happiness to the people of china, but that was not the case. Many critics were not impressed by the auto company‚Äôs actions by suggesting that iy brought serious harm to their global environment. The ethical decisions involved in the auto industry is an important area of study as it posses various moral and ethical questions. This could involve years of pain and suffering. Mill looks at this as the presence of happiness and pain just like going to school forms part of...


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